Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day: Warriors for Peace and our Nation

America and Veterans are friends, partners for peace and warriors for our nation.  This Veteran's Day is special since it includes the most famous Veteran's Day date ever:  11/11/11.  (Even more special at the moments of 11:11 AM and PM.)   The date focus offers an anchor to remember this Veteran's Day for a long time.  Let's make it as special as the unique date.

"The Warrior is the archetype of leadership.  We come into our leadership skills by staying in our power, by showing up and choosing to be present, by extending honor and respect, and by being responsible and accountable."... The Fourfold Way by Angeles Arrien, PhD.

In Arrien's writings she comments that "the challenge of every Warrior and leader is the right use of power."  Warriors have the power of presence, communication and position.  They carry forth mental, physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence that defines their presence.  They communicate with sensitivity to content, timing and context and they are willing to take a stand.

Please note that Warrior is not synonymous with "killer", as many might fear.  The Warrior's willingness to take a stand for what they believe in may inspire others to do likewise, even though they have beliefs that differ from those of the Warrior.

The Warrior mentality is one aspect of officership that is taught at West Point, along with the knowledge and skills to be servants of the nation, leaders of character, and members of a time-honored profession.

At West Point we learned about "Duty, Honor, Country".  Duty offered challenge and tested our strength of conviction.  Could we do what we are supposed to do?  As we became Warriors, Duty became our middle name.  Honor raised our standards and commitment to "choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong".  Country reminded us about our homeland and its citizens, worthy of our efforts.

Veterans had an opportunity to become Warriors as a result of attributes that are taught and used during military training and service.  The role of Veteran adds more to our Warrior mentality and potential to be of continuing service to the nation. This expanding opportunity to serve the nation as Veterans has never been more important than now.

Veteran's Day is a reminder of our opportunities, commitments and obligations as Warriors. Our nation needs more people who will stand up for their beliefs and still show respect for the beliefs of others.  Many are humbled by seeing the levels of sacrifice offered by our soldiers both in modern warfare and over the centuries. The camaraderie, cohesiveness and presence of our Warrior Veterans might be what America needs more of to get a course correction for the confusion invading our nation.

If you need a Warrior, ask a Veteran.  If you need help, ask a Veteran.  If you need a leader, ask a Veteran.  If you need prayer, ask a Veteran.

11/11/11:  Remember and honor our Military Veterans.  Pray for lasting Peace.

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  1. Great post! Thank you.

    My husband was a Vietnam vet and you know how badly they were treated ..not given any respect. I didn't meet him until after he came home.

    Even when i was 14, I thought it was terrible how they were treated. I am so glad that it is not like that now and they are both respected and honored.