Saturday, September 17, 2016

Blogcation at Home

In spite of having a continuous flow of bloggable situations and information, my blogging is diminished for a while.  My time allocation is changed while we care for my Mother in Hospice in our home.  She's taking her time.
I haven't broadcast/recorded a Dr. Synonymous Show this summer, either.  I didn't retire or quit being a Social Media Geezer.  I'm pacing myself.
More later.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Death, Grief, Duty and Prayer

Death.  Prayer.

Grief.  Prayer.

Duty.  Prayer.

Someone dies.  Unexpectedly.  Young.  Way before their time.
Then -- confusion and feelings of inadequacy.  Why?  Why did it happen?
How do I go on?  How does anything go on?

We pray.

How do we understand it?  What will make the feelings go away?  Maybe we should feel like this for the rest of our life to honor the meaning of the person in our life?

We pray.

We grieve.
We reconcile the new reality of the loss with our reality.  We integrate the meaning of the deceased person into our continuing life.  We become our "next self".

We pray.

We act.
On our duty to honor the deceased person and their meaning to us.  And their meaning to the world. Again and again.

We pray.

Thank You, God, for the gift of this person and the ongoing and evolving meaning of their life to us.
Thank You, God, for understanding.  Please help us.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Physician Burnout: More than Half!?

I'm listening to a presentation about this topic at the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians Annual Members Assembly in a room full of brilliant people- Family Physicians. Are 63% of them burned out, as the Mayo Clinic study indicated in 2015?  If so, how does that impact their ability to help people?  To lead an organization?  To innovate enough to find solutions to health care problems and physician burnout?

Practicing Family Medicine is an incredible privilege.  It's still fun.  Medicare administration and other insurance administrative overload is killing it for more than half of family physicians.

Many physicians are looking for relief.  Mostly in the wrong place, since more are getting burned out (was 51%, now 63%).

Is there hope?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thankful and Grateful: Practice Makes Perfect

I thank God frequently.  I'm thankful for the blessings I've received.  I'm grateful for parts of things. I'm grateful for people.
Even this computer--I'm grateful for it.
I practice being thankful and grateful, which may lead to improvement.
I'm even grateful for "Yes, But" .people, as long as they speak in the middle of a meeting and not the end.

And flowers, music and children.
And old people.  And the republicans and the democrats and Hillary and Donald..I'm  thankful.

What about you?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Departure for Vietnam 46 Years Ago

It seems like a long time ago, because it was- 46 years ago today, I left for Vietnam.   Forty-five years ago, I came back- changed.  Connected permanently to a phenomena-  Vietnam Veteranhood.

I Am A Vietnam Veteran.

I wear a hat to remind me and you of Vietnam Veteranhood.

Vietnam Veteran 2016

It means a lot to me.  The Wall comes to mind.  The mirror speaks.

It reminds me of Phu Bai, where I was stationed initially in Vietnam.

A poem/song came from it:

Lately I've Got Phu Bai on My Mind

Lately, I've Got Phu Bai on My Mind 
                                                    by CPT Pat Jonas 45th Engr Gp
                                                                    Aviation Section

Lately, I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Thinking now of all we've left behind
Like friendly fire and innocence
And fears that won't unwind

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Black smoke blowing gently in the wind
Mortars stopped the card game my first week in the war
Winning hand in High Chicago went right out the door

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Mortars weren't being very kind
Diving in the bunker just outside my hooch
"Our Father Who art in heaven", coming from my lips.

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
All clear sounds, let's get back to my hand
No one cares to sit back down
A buck of my winnings is gone.

Lately I've got  Phu Bai on my mind
Blowing Agent Orange dust into the wind
Flying out to Rakkassan, Tomahawk and Nancy
Visiting our  Engineers, nothing really fancy.

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Floor show, Cold Duck mixing really fine
Flying to the DMZ to let off Donut Dollies
Rolling on the River mixes well with Buddy Holly

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Navy tried to make me land downwind
Ducking friendly fire at Khe Sanh and beyond
Bridge Over Troubled Water on AFVN.

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Cross the river down the coast again
Flying low along the beach- beautiful clear water
Calling into Castle base weather getting hotter.

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind.                        

Now back in Ohio.  Being a Vietnam Veteran.