Friday, October 24, 2014

Family Medicine: The Myth and the Tension

What do patients expect of their Family Physician?  What do we expect of them?
As we relate to each other, one or the other may seek better connection.  They may press to create more tension to enable a more meaningful engagement.  Relationships, like poems, need tension.

Hopefully, patient or Family Doctor creates the tension to enhance the communication or someone may not get a fair consideration from the other.  Creative tension may enhance the relationship, too.  It can get toned over several engagements to allow high quality communication and better alignment with mutually beneficial values, goals and dreams.

The expectations of each party may be based on a mysterious myth about who the other person is and what has (or hasn't) happened before.  Our profession has some mythical qualities with many patients, especially those with positive expectations.  We may remind them of a TV Dr. like Marcus Welby, MD or Richard Kildare, MD (OK, these were a long time ago) or one of the newer physicians on Gray's Anatomy.  Those myths may be helpful for the patient and the doctor to accomplish their goals.  They believe in something beyond the current situation, and make it through.

What kind of tension do you create?  Or run from?

What myths might you believe about patients, Family Medicine or your Family Doctor that may help or harm your health?  Or your career?

More later from the FMEC meeting in Arlington.

Monday, October 20, 2014

FMEC Meeting: Reunion of "Geeks and Geezers in Social Media" #FMEC2014

Calling all Social Media Geeks and Geezers alumni. Starting at the Hershey FMEC meeting, several of us launched a social media era for FMEC with a session called, " Social Media for Geeks and Geezers".   Mike Sevilla, MD and Kenny Lin, MD and I noted that, after our Seminar, several blogs were initiated.  "The Future of Family Medicine" blog by Kevin Bernstein (then medical student on the AAFP Board) MD and "The Singing Pen of Dr Jen" by Jennifer Middleton, MD were among them.  Numerous persons started a Twitter account at that meeting.  It was a nice start.  After two similar sessions at subsequent FMEC meetings, including Jennifer Middleton, MD, Michael Smith, MS, Kenny Lin, MD and I in various faculty roles more people started to Tweet and blog and use social media in all sorts of venues.

Kenny Lin, MDCommon Sense Family Doctor
A. Patrick Jonas, MDDr. Synonymous
Jennifer Middleton, MD The Singing Pen of Dr. Jen 
Larry Halverson, MDFrugal Family Doctor
Mike Sevilla, MDFamily Medicine Rocks
Kevin Bernstein, MD/Andrew Lutzkanin, MDThe Future of Family Medicine

In Arlington, VA, we're inviting Geeks and Geezers to be Social Media Ambassadors via Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Internet Radio, etc. throughout the FMEC meeting.

We'll have a breakfast discussion table for Geeks and Geezers on Saturday morning to celebrate and launch interested persons with their own Twitter, Blog, etc.

The hashtag for the meeting will be something like #FMEC2014.

Many of our tweets will also be sent to #FMRevolution #DirectPrimaryCare and others.

As we turn the corner to become "Solutionists", think about what might be the next hashtag for
what's happening in Family Medicine.  We'll discuss #the nexthashtag at the meeting, maybe in the bar Saturday night.

Who's a Geek and who's a Geezer?  Your mirror has the answer.  Mine said, "You are a geezer."
Onward to #FMEC2014


FMEC Northeast Regional Meeting: "Health for the Nation and the World: Putting People First"

Come to Arlington, VA October 23-26 and learn with the Family Medicine Education Consortium team of educators.  Medical students, residents, faculty and others involved in Family Medicine Education will celebrate together the challenge of transforming the health care system in a way that better serves individuals, families and communities.

In a time of disruption, no one knows where the healthcare system is headed or how to get it going the "right" way.  It costs too much and is misdirected,  mired in "Meaningless Use" and "Transformationitis".

Who cares enough to risk anything to do what's right?  The FMEC for one.  The meeting includes preconferences such as the Innovators Network which already has played a key role in upgrading the Direct Primary Care movement.

I love this meeting.  Medical students from the northeastern United States, Residents from fifty or more programs with displays about their programs and Family Medicine faculty from the Northeast- like five hundred people who are excited about Family Medicine.

Breakfast tables to discuss interest areas and solutions, keynoters about healthcare solutions and educational dilemmas, space to sit down and talk with others who have common interests, book authors to sign and discuss their book, Door prizes for students at the Residency Fair.

FMEC 2014 Meeting Facts                Final Program FMEC 2014 Annual Meeting

Check it out!