Thursday, July 30, 2015

Direct Primary Care Ohio "Unsummit" III Dayton, Ohio August 22, 2015

A. Patrick Jonas, MD

Philip Whitecar, MD

Will Sawyer, MD

will present at the DPC Ohio Unsummit III in Dayton on August 22, 2015.

These Family Physicians have studied Direct Primary Care and play with it daily.  Dr.'s Jonas and Whitecare have Hybrid (traditional and DPC) practices in Beavercreek.  Dr. Sawyer has a subscription practice in Sharonville.

They will expound on DPC Nuts and Bolts and their personal situations relative to DPC in interactive sessions that allow attendees a personalized opportunity to interact about DPC and get lots of questions answered.

All primary care physicians, NP's, PA's, Office Administrators, Office Staff are welcome.  Other stakeholders such as medical societies, holistic practitioners, general surgeons, imaging centers, laboratories, wellness companies (such as Gemcare Wellness) and special insurances (such as LibertyHealthShare, etc.) may wish to sponsor and attend.

$150 to attend ($125 subsequent person from same practice).

$250 to sponsor with a display table.

We'll see you on August 22 (and later in 2015 for Ohio Unsummit IV).

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vietnam Departure 45 Years Ago: "Lately, I've Got Phu Bai on My Mind"

July 27th 1970, I left my wife of seven months at the Cincinnati Airport (actually in Kentucky) and headed for Vietnam.  It was a long journey which never ends.  A young Engineer officer with new helicopter pilot's wings flew to Travis Air Force Base in CA, then to Alaska, where I learned that my nephew Matthew had just been born (Happy Birthday Matt- and Mike, his brother who was born July 27th two years before).  Then off to Japan for fuel enroute, then to the Saigon area.

I filled out a "dream sheet" of the types of aviation units I might wish to fly with at Army personnel headquarters at Long Binh and waited with other pilots in my rotary wing aviator class for the assignment sheets to be posted on a bulletin board.  We drank beer and chatted.  Then the postings.  I was assigned to the 18th Engineer Brigade.  I would fly for the Engineers.  The orders said to go to Cam Ranh Bay to the unit HQ. I was there for one day, played volleyball with some other pilots and learned the next day that I was being assigned to fly with the 45th Engineer Group HQ in Phu Bai (which means Land of the Dead) in I Corps, the northernmost of the four sections of Vietnam used for military planning.

I flew for a year and returned home, meeting my wife in Cincinnati for a few days before coming home to visit in Liberty and Farmersville where my parents and her parents lived.  Then we toured the western US and set up in Milford Kansas, just outside Ft. Riley where I was to finish my Army career as a pilot and instructor pilot and small unit commander.

45 years after leaving for Vietnam, I'm still learning about the meaning of the whole Vietnam experience.  I read about the background of the war and the decision processes that kept it going and ended it.  Very complex and very human processes that led to a lot of confusion.  Twenty of my West Point classmates died as a result of their service in Vietnam.  I think of them often.  I think of Phu Bai, too.

Lately, I've Got Phu Bai on My Mind
                                                    by CPT Pat Jonas 45th Engr Gp
                                                                    Aviation Section

Lately, I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Thinking now of all we've left behind
Like friendly fire and innocence
And fears that won't unwind

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Black smoke blowing gently in the wind
Mortars stopped the card game my first week in the war
Winning hand in High Chicago went right out the door

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Mortars weren't being very kind
Diving in the bunker just outside my hooch
"Our Father Who art in heaven", coming from my lips.

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
All clear sounds, let's get back to my hand
No one cares to sit back down
A buck of my winnings is gone.

Lately I've got  Phu Bai on my mind
Blowing Agent Orange dust into the wind
Flying out to Rakkassan, Tomahawk and Nancy
Visiting our  Engineers, nothing really fancy.

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Floor show, Cold Duck mixing really fine
Flying to the DMZ to let off Donut Dollies
Rolling on the River mixes well with Buddy Holly

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Navy tried to make me land downwind
Ducking friendly fire at Khe Sanh and beyond
Bridge Over Troubled Water on AFVN.

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind
Cross the river down the coast again
Flying low along the beach- beautiful clear water
Calling into Castle base weather getting hotter.

Lately I've got Phu Bai on my mind.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Preparing for the West Point Glee Club Alumni Reunion- Nostalgia

Dr Synonymous Show: Nostalgia Via West Point Alumni Glee Club Reunion

Dr Synonymous, aka Pat Jonas, MD- West Point Class of 1968, is travelling to West Point for a Glee Club Alumni Reunion (his third).  "I love these experiences.  The music is great, the people are great, the place is beautiful."
Listen as Dr Jonas reviews the agenda for the weekend and reflects on his days in the West Point Glee Club, life as a cadet and after.  He'll  reflect on a few songs and  even sing a few bars here and there and review a few Glee Club Memories.
The concert will be July 15th 7:30 PM- 9 PM at Trophy Point on the post at  West Point.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Dr Synonymous Show Discusses Direct Primary Care and Ohio "Unsummit" III

Let's talk about Direct Primary Care for a while.  What's going to happen at the Third DPC Ohio "Unsummit"?  DPC is happening slowly but surely. Getting better and  better.  Are you Fed Up with getting the run-around in healthcare?  Do you want a doctor who will listen to you?  Do you want to step away from the annoying, artificial financial pressures of your insurance company?
Maybe you should look into Direct Primary Care.
Physicians: Do you want something different?  Do you miss getting to spend time with patients helping to solve their problems and treat their diseases?  Do you want more independence?
Maybe you should look into Direct Primary Care.
Dr. Jonas discusses  DPC and introduces the DPC Ohio Unsummit III scheduled in Dayton, Ohio on August 22, 2015 on The Dr Synonymous Show:
Follow the Facebook page of The Center for Innovation in Family and Community Health for more information as the schedule unfolds.  Mark the date now if you want to get ready to practice in a DPC setting.
My Blogs from July 9 and 11 are reviewed, finishing with a Didgeridoo solo.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Why Are So Many Physicians Afraid?: The Coward to Warrior Ratio Seems Huge

From coward to warrior, physicians come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes.  Or do we?

It seems that lots of physicians are afraid to be a professional.  They are afraid to disagree with the financial decision makers in their institutions (that employ them or with whom thy're contracted). This is rampant behavior.

We represent an ethical position that our patients and communities expect.  They don't know it's not happening like it used to.  Yes, it used to be common behavior for physicians to vehemently disagree with hospital administrators over a principle involving ethical decision making.

It looks like we were for sale.  We were bought.  We're saluting the hospital flag and altering clinical judgement to the massive expense of our patients and our society.

We sold out to the EHR which was billing software slightly altered for clinical purposes.

We sold out to do massive numbers of CT scans in ER's of questionable utility.

We sold out in rehab facilities to maximize reimbursement.

Were we always for sale?

Were we always cowards?

What are we afraid of?

Do our patients and communities know?

Let's tell them.  That's informed consent.

(Better than what they get in ER's when they aren't informed about the potential benefits and harms of all the CT scans.  Look around your ER for a consent form to do a procedure like CT scans that can cause cancer. You won't find one.  Shouldn't a patient know? )