Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family Medicine: It's Time to Upgrade Dr. Marcus Welby

"Doctor, we'd like to make a TV show about your life and medical practice," They messaged me on LinkedIn. I'm skeptical.  But, curious.  I fire back an e-mail.  Can we talk?, I ask in my e-mail response.  Yes, here's my cell phone number, comes back via cyberspace.

"We want people to better understand Family Medicine", Doctor.  "Good idea," I respond.

"We've reviewed the Marcus Welby, MD shows from the seventies.  Is it still like that?"

"No," I reply.

"Well, tell us how it is now," they plead (sort-of).

"Now, it's about humans who are sometimes in the role of Patient, and sometimes in the role of Family Doctor." I proclaim.  "If we're both humans, we have much more respect for each other, and we can bond together in a caring relationship that increases health and decreases over-all expense."

"Start the TV show with an emphasis on human relationships and their impact on health care quality and expense.  We can proceed from there to patients and doctors.  Then we go back to the human relationships"

"Whatever you say, Doctor,"  They reply.  Cut and wrap.

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