Friday, November 18, 2011

Breathe Life into an Aging Health Care System One Relationship at a Time

 It's time to move ahead with patient training to help get health care into the next era.  I submitted this overview of a workshop for a conference with Breathing as the main theme.

A Workshop with A. Patrick Jonas, MD, Holistic Family Physician

Introduction:  There are many dehumanizing aspects of the modern health care system. People in the system need to reconnect with people as humans first, patients second.  Patients can take the lead in rejuvenating the system one interaction at a time.  Starting with their humanity, they can avoid the patient role until they connect as equal humans to their health care connection person, such as a physician.

What breath strategies may lead to a better Health Care System?
What about shared breathing, two persons at a time.

Healthcare human dyads which breathe together in peace may become patient and doctor in a cocoon of shared problem solving and planning that creates the next era in Health Care.  Human centering through breath can launch trusting, empowered health dyads to lead the way, from human to human.

Dr. Jonas will Review the current situation in health care and patient-physician relationships and explore perspectives of attendees from their recent experience.

He will overview a Human Centered Process to breathe new life into patient-physician dyads.  Attendees will connect to the six step process via discussion, role play and dyadic interaction.  They will expand their ability to

Breathe to increase their ability to:

 Self, others and systems

            Self and others

            Self with others

            Alignment and Misalignment with values, goals and dreams


            On self, others and helpful processes

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