Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holistic Health: Thanksgiving Health and Eating Plan

Did you know the Surgeon General has declared (several years ago) that families should review their Family Medical History (FMH) on Thanksgiving weekend?  The Surgeon General's Family History Initiative is the ongoing program to inform and support families in their search for information about their medical history.  Here is a web site that included helpful information for families:  Family Medical History Initiative

I inform countless patients about this initiative by the Surgeon General, also suggesting the day after Thanksgiving for the family focus, to minimize distractions about disease and body parts on Thanksgiving Day, if possible.  "If someone spews incessantly about their intestinal problems while eating the turkey and dressing, it may help to remind them to save their comments for Friday at 1 PM when we'll all review the FMH",  I suggest to them.

Many lose track of healthful eating and disease prevention strategies on Thanksgiving Day.  To them I say, remember Five, Five and Five:  Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables and five colors of food daily. Remember five major prevention strategies:  Control your blood pressure, control your weight, control your cholesterol, exercise 30 minutes four days weekly, and reduce unnecessary stress.

Remember five and five and five and the Family Medical History Initiative of the Surgeon General to have a healthful Thanksgiving.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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