Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogging in Bed

Avoid blogging in bed.  Back pain, laptop slides around, arm fatigue.  Short post today, folks.
What's going around?  A flu-like virus, new insurance plans, hypothyroidism, ill people at parties.
Duck if you're around parties.
More later.  Pillow wants me asleep.
Thanksgiving Day in 9 days. Don't forget to review your Family Medical History the day after Thanksgiving, per the Surgeon General's recommendation.


  1. I was going to say, based on the title, writing in bed is not fun.

    Hope you feel better. The flu sucks. Sick people who go out in public suck too.


  2. Oh and I wish I could get a laptop so I am not stuck at this computer desk. I'd do more on line reading with a laptop.

    And watch some shows I missed during week.

    And I thought ..type. :)

  3. The laptop is a great idea for blogging flexibility. I really enjoy writing on the laptop sitting on the screened in porch watching the birds on the feeders and hearing the chimes when the wind blows. Fresh air blogging can be refreshing. apj