Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Medicine: Coherence and Connecting with Patients

Establishing rapport between patients and Family Physicians is an important step in every clinical engagement.  One of the more powerful ways to do this is by using the "Quick Coherence Technique" from Heartmath in Boulder, CA.  The simple three step process is reinforced by self training on electronic training devices such as emWave or emWave-PC.  I have both the handheld and computer-based units.  I just used the emWave handheld device to get "coherent" before writing this post.

Personally distressing situations sometimes warrant a formal response to re-balance the spirit.  I can use several strategies to re-balance, but only the Heartmath instruments give me the message electronically, validating my coherence when I need it validated.  I wrote about it for The Ohio Family Physician magazine last winter for their technology edition.  (It's endorsed by the PGA, too, for you golf fans).  The Ohio Family Physician- Technology Edition (page26)

Check it out at  I love it and you will too.
(I'm not on their payroll either-just love the products they developed.)

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