Saturday, November 26, 2011

Autism People and Survival Activists are Good Antidotes to Football Blues

Football suddenly sucks out 50% of my mood with our Buckeye loss to Michigan, when we could have won it a couple times.  The new era is half way upon us with the coach and several players gone from the "tattoo and memorabilia" and "pay for no work" scandals. Intense game, though.  I went to the screened in porch to watch the birds, hide from the next wave of games and listen to non-sports talk on Blog Talk Radio (  Preparedness Radio is a great series on BTR about survival strategies.  Today they talked about grinding your own grains with various devices, one of which is a show sponsor.

Another show, Autistic People,  had a discussion about persons with autism spectrum disorders.  A very talented theater arts teacher/performer was the speaker who deftly engaged those of us in the chat room for some of our opinions.  She lives in Canada which has a different strategy for government support of persons with disabilities.  People "on the spectrum" and others will enjoy her insights and find her comfortable to share with.

My mood is returning nicely after a couple hours on the internet with my BlogTalkRadio friends.  They signed up as followers for my show (  There are hundreds of interesting shows for you on BTR or other internet radio channels.  I enjoy listening and learning.

Oh, I made rounds in one of my hospitals this morning.  It's always interesting to interact with other professionals in the hospital and see patients and their family members.  I have to decide how much in-patient care I want to do when the new Soin Medical Center opens in February 2012 next door to my office.

I'll make rounds again tomorrow after church.  Maybe we should go to Roosters for lunch on the way home and make a family outing of the opportunity.

OK Buckeyes, we're done with "Tattoo-Gate", let's move ahead with a new coach next season and Beat Michigan.  Maybe I should take up my banjo again and play on the porch during OSU football games to stay upbeat.  There haven't been any recent tattoo scandals in banjo players.

Better yet, I should shift my priorities toward the diverse array of important issues delivered through Blog Talk Radio free of charge, 24/7.  Learning more will be good for my health and that of my patients.

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