Monday, April 15, 2013

Family Medicine Activist: Thankful for Bloggers and Tweeps

#HAWMC Day 14

Today's prompt for the Health Activist Writers.  Thank a few of your fellow Health Activists for what they have done. Call them out by name or twitter handle. Share your love.

There are many Health Activists with important messages for others.  I speak about them almost every week on my Blog Talk Radio Show as Dr Synonymous.

Thank You to:

Medical Mojave who is a crusader for adrenal insufficiency on her blog.

WarmSocks who shares and educates about Rheumatoid Arthritis on her blog.

Dr Fatty Finds Fitness who is an inspiration in her blog to the unfit with weight problems.

Sea Spray who has a great sense of humor in spite of experiencing a lot of pain with ureteral stents for recurrent kidney stones.

Two great Activists on Twitter are: ReginaHolliday and RAWarrior

Thanks to the people above on their tweets and blogs for some great insights.  The Social Media Rocks!

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