Thursday, April 18, 2013

Family Medicine Activist: #HAWMC Posts Discussed on Blog Talk Radio

 I read from several HAWMC posts to honor the authors on my blog Talk Radio program.  The diversity and quality of writing and message is impressive.   The Dr Synonymous Show April 16, 2013

Sarah at @standup8tweets.  Very helpful post about cerebral palsy.

@frannycakesblog Good insights about gluten sensitivity and gluten cooking.

One prompt invited us to honor other bloggers.  Here's my list: Dr Synonymous Salute to activists 

@JameeTMiller honors her mentors from her blog A New Kind of Normal:

Health Activist Diana Lee @sombodyhealme posts about migraine headaches: Migraine Headache

A Guy with Crohn's blogs about truth and lies about Crohn's disease.

Tune in to my show on blogtalkradio: and listen to my April 16 show.

Follow the #HAWMC posts on Twitter and Facebook.  They are great!

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