Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family Medicine Activist: #HAWMC on The Dr Synonymous Show

Day 3 Post for Health Activists Writer's Month Challenge

I blog daily for thirty days and talk about blog posts on my weekly internet radio show:  Dr Synonymous The Dr Synonymous Show April 2, 2013

The April 2, 2013 Dr Synonymous Show on BlogTalk Radio reviewed several posts from Health Activist Writers Challenge Month.  I love these posts and learn a lot.  The Tweets below were used on the show to open the posts and read from them. 

These included Day 2 posts of the "30 posts in 30 days" #HAWMC

Needled & Threaded" Day 2 Stabbed & stitched. Lanced & linked. You get the idea.  by Melissa Lee @sweetlyvoiced

A Guy With Crohns ‏@JavaJay7333m
Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge - Day 3
 Introductions: 5 Things I Want You to Know

2 Apr
Day 2 - Introductions

Day 2: The Top 5 Things I Want You To Know About Postpartum Psychosis

2 Apr Day 2 5 things about my health and activism

  2 Apr
What was the most helpful advice you had when you were a new migraineur? What advice would you give?

2 Apr Family Medicine Activist: What is Family Medicine? Day 2 via

Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge is off to a good start. More posts will be reviewed on my show next Tuesday, but continuously available for listening via Blog Talk Radio.  

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