Sunday, March 3, 2013

Family Medicine: We are Blessed

Stories, Stories, Stories.  People, People, People.  Families, Families, Families.

We get them all in Family Medicine.  And health and disease. We are blessed.

We are also thankful--  thankful for the opportunity to  witness and participate with our patients in decisions that enhance their human experience.  And our human experience, too.

We're in this together.  We care about each other.

Thanks to all our patients who share their stories.  Thanks to our teachers who enabled us to learn the medical and behavioral science.

Thanks to our mirrors that show us who we are through our own eyes.

Thanks to God for joy, beauty and the mystery of life.



  1. What a wonderful post! And we are truly blessed to be patients of a physician (AND his team) that truly care, as evidenced by the quality time spent with us during each visit! That is except for the poor older folks on public assistance. Ha! Ha! God is good! :)