Friday, March 8, 2013

Didgeridoo Hullabaloo Session Three at the BellHOP Cafe

Join us at 8:15 AM (yes, AM) on Saturday March 9th, 2013 for the third session of the Didgeridoo Hullabaloo at the BellHOP Cafe in Bellbrook, OH.

Bring your own didge or use one of our extras (2 or 3) to make beautiful sounds (OK, some of them sound like a dying cow) and tone your throat into ex-snorer territory.

Immediately after our droning, at 9 AM, Dr Synonymous will broadcast Whole-Hearted Health on the BlogTalk Radio Show of the same name (Dr Synonymous).  The broadcast remains as a podcast on BTR and ITunes for later listening.

Join us for fun and great coffee/breakfast at the BellHOP!

Session Outline:

Didgeridoo Hullabaloo Session Three at the BellHOP Café March 9, 2013
Introductions Dr Synonymous (Pat), Group Members, Guests
Sweet Spot
The drone “raspberry”, “raspberry with smile”, spitting seed
Dah Dah Dah
Tah Tah Tah
Duh Dah Duh Dah Duh
30 second  drone?
Circular Breathing cup of water & straw
One minute performance:  Group  Drone- A-E-I-O-U- Ah as adjusted by the group spark
Rhythm practice solo and w/ partner
Online options

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