Monday, March 4, 2013

Drafts of Posts to Finish Someday

Bloggers like me start a lot of posts.  I have 32 drafts started.  Many will never be finished.  You may wish to write about the same topics and do better than I would.  Titles include:

Family Medicine:  Codons or Holons?

                            Differential Diagnosis

                            Snow Angels and Didgeridoos

                            Uncertainty Rules

                            Drug Samples

                            If It was Easy, It Wouldn't be Fun

                            Fear and Tension


                            Phenomena and Proclivities

                            Abandon Ship?

                            I Almost Died, and You Weren't Available, Doctor

                            I Want My Life Back

                             Partnering with Patients

                             Blue Collar Doctors

Have fun with these in the blogosphere as you wish.  (And send me a copy).


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