Friday, March 8, 2013

Family Medicine: Realigning with Our Heart

OK, Family Medicine Folks,

Are we out of alignment with our heart?

Are we too busy and corporate and overly focused on the latest "quality" initiative or organizational certification to feel the human needs of our patients?

Have the coders and other numerati moved us into numb numbers mode?

Are we still validating our patients humanity and honoring them for their struggles and successes or has their BMI or  HGBA1c overshadowed their worth (via the EMR)?

Are we relating through our relationship based specialty through our heart to those of our patients?

Are we loving, honoring and praising the quest of the person we see in the mirror- the quest of a Family Physician?

Rise up, Family Medicine!

Let's refresh and reclaim our heart.

What do you feel?  See?  Think? about our heart?

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