Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Second Thought

OK, I confess that I have a heart for senior citizens and can't lop off the Medicare folks (this doesn't refer to the Medicare Advantage Plan folks who aren't in the non-pay group) without a fight.  We have $32,770 of billings to regular Medicare not paid since October 1, 2012.  That sort of gets my attention as the owner of the practice (1.6 Family Physicians and part time- half to one day weekly- Family Nurse Practitioner).

We do have to back off on scheduling any "routine" (not a Family Practice term) Medicare patients in March until we get some reassurance about payment.

Since we take "Families Only", we are blessed with a distribution of ages that keeps the practice distributed across a multi-generational spectrum of ages.  From birth to 100 years old, we have fun caring for and learning from, our patients.

And, we practice across our whole license- not just "at the top of our license to practice" which would bore me.  A well child exam is as important as anything I do, as is the management of the care of my patients in hospice situations at their home.  Rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, heartburn, worry, chest pain, headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, warts, urinary infections, diabetes, low blood glucose, dizziness, palpitations, shortness of breath, wheezing, swollen leg, rashes, sore tongue, dry eyes, ringing in the ears and so forth are exciting since they are part of my patient's experience.  Bring on the well, sick or injured.  We are ready.

Also- you know who you are-Remember to practice your didgeridoo daily to strengthen the throat muscles and give up the snoring- all you didgeridoo hullabaloo fans.  The next Hullabaloo training session is Saturday March 9 at 8:15 AM at the BellHOP Cafe in Bellbrook, OH


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  1. No matter how compassionate and generous you and other doctors are with your time and expertise...it takes money to accomplish it. Shame on the government! mas