Thursday, February 21, 2013

End Stage Medicare Frustration

We haven't received any pay for Medicare services since October 1, 2012.  We're only able to sustain the practice for 3 or 4 more weeks, then will make drastic cuts in services to government insured patients (100%) and try to survive by replacing those patients.

We will replace them with Direct Family Medicine Patients- families without outpatient insurance who join our subscription practice.  This uses a Direct Primary Care business model (see, is NOT INSURANCE, and requires no hassles with insurance companies or the Federal government.

We haven't paid our local taxes, due this month, yet.  We paid the mortgage on the practice building late.  We are late on a few other payments.  Things are tight for us, folks.  I am sad to hit this point in the 13 year life of our practice which serves about 3,000 patients.  BUT, here we are, having depended on third party payers who have continually squeezed and squeezed, we feel sad and somewhat betrayed.

But, also we're blessed to have had wonderful relationships with thousands of patients over the years.  Family Physicians get touched by the hearts of their patients and generally feel good about the human condition.

One day at a time.


  1. Dr. S,

    I personally appreciate the fact that you are sharing this information. I believe it would be helpful to me and to other Medicare covered people for you to let us know how we can be a part of the solution. I'm feeling the urgency of this situation.E35ipsint


  2. Thanks, Rex. This week, for the second time in four weeks, we were assured that everything was set for us to be paid, but I'm not convinced that they know what they're doing. Every October 1st Medicare adds new regs and often, with healthcare reform, that includes re-enrolling and getting another ID and password or connecting up our bank account with new online payment mandates,etc.

    It's a deeper bureaucracy than ever and can only get worse during the next couple years. I'm holding my breath. Wednesday will be at financial institution to ask for loan. Thanks for the prayer. We need it.