Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas on the Ball at the BellHOP Cafe

Christmas on the Ball” at the BellHOP Café on  Saturday, 12/8/2012

Public Invited: Bring your exercise ball or just your self for a toning, movement and fitness session.

“Introductions and Welcome by Pat Jonas of BUMC and Heather of BellHOP Café

Overview of Session including Health and Safety Warning and Disclaimer
               Make a Habit of toning, stretching and movement first- fitness later.  PACE YOURSELF
               Standing, Sitting on the ball- with/without bouncing, lying on the ball, lying on the floor
               Helps Heart, Upper Body, Core, Lower Body, Spine and Mood
Opening Prayer

Breathing on the ball.  Without- five whole breaths and five with bounces.

Standing:  Five reps each of twist (p117)*, front bend and side bend (p118), hug and 30 seconds of drape over ball (p115)

Recovery for two minutes

Sitting:  100-150 bounces with music, Hip Release (124), Pelvic tilt (p34), crunch (p36), back stretch (p35)

Water, fluids, bathroom break, ball repair/ reinflation 5-7 minutes
Health Tip:  Dr Synonymous (aka, Dr Jonas) Stress Reactions, Cortisol, and the Ball

Lying on ball: back toner (p50), rise and shine (p52), push up (p46)

Lying on floor: five reps each-lower body toner (p68), lift ball, squeeze bal
Sitting on ball: 2 minute bounce with music

Recovery, refreshments from BellHOP menu, fellowship

Next formal session 7 PM January 10 at BUMC (followed by 7PM Jan 14th at BUMC)
Next informal session:  Your place- three times weekly 2-3 each standing, sitting, lying (five reps or 30 seconds-depending). Bouncing 2-4 minutes depending on energy and comfort.
More exercises at

We'll see you in Bellbrook!

*From Sculpt Your Body with Balls and Bands by Denise Austin, 2004 by St Martin’s Press


  1. That routine looks doable!

  2. You're right, WarmSocks. It's very doable. And adjustable for fitness level of participants. The is very helpful, too, except they push for more reps than we're doing (5 each). The 100 bounce daily minimum is a nice habit to start with, building up to 4 minutes five days each week.
    Bounce On! apj