Monday, December 17, 2012

Direct Primary Care in Blufton and Beavercreek, OH

The Dr Synonymous Show December 18,2012

Coming up in the Dr Synonymous Show on Blog Talk Radio Tuesday December 18 at 9 PM is another interview about Direct Primary Care featuring Dr Sam Heiks of Blufton.  Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a business model that is catching on fast as a way for Family Physicians to refresh their practices and careers.  As I've noted before, is a good site for orientation to the concept of DPC.

Dr Sam Heiks of Blufton is a Family Physician who has started DPC at his Creekside Family Practice, recently featured in an article in the Lima News: Dr Sam Heiks .  Author of the article, Kate Malongowski, did a good job of accurate reporting about Dr Heiks and his practice.

She also quoted me accurately about DPC and my approach to it in Beavercreek.  We use the DPC business model in our Direct Family Medicine practice approach at Family Health Connections, Inc. The DFM is the newest aspect of our non-traditional-"Families Only"- Practrice.  It affords us a fresher approach to our new patients who don't use health insurance to cover their Family Medicine needs.  That's right, to be a new patient in our practice, you can't use your health insurance to pay.  Similarly, you can't use your auto insurance to get your car serviced at a dealer or Valvoline.

We'll discuss many of these issues on the show to further clarify how DPC works in Blufton and in Beavercreek.  We'll also mention Direct Ohio Care, a new network for primary care physicians interested in Direct Primary Care in Ohio, similar to the Health Access Rhode Island physician network with seventeen member practices.

Dr Heiks has an interesting background, involving Kansas, Wisconsin and Ohio.  Tune in to hear how he's adding to Family Medicine in Ohio.

Don't worry if you can't tune in live on Tuesday night.  It's saved as a webcast for later download or listening 24/7.


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