Thursday, December 20, 2012

Snoring : Be gone- Join the Didgeridoo Hullabaloo

The didgeridoo Hullabaloo is coming.  Fight snoring.  Avoid sleep apnea.  Get your Didgeridoo now!

The Didgeridoo Store

How to play the didgeridoo.

Get your starter kit and get ready for the Didgeridoo Hullabaloo- coming in January, 2013.

Further information will be announced on the Dr Synonymous blog site and the Facebook page of The Center for Innovation in Family and Community Health and  Stay tuned.

Comment below when you have started to learn to play the didgeridoo or when you are playing four days a week.  YouTube submissions of Hullabaloo participants are welcome (even before the formal starting date for the Hullabaloo).

Don't feel like you have to be as good as Didgeridoo Drummer, Andy Graham, to reduce (or prevent) your snoring.

Didgeridoo Drummer- Andy Graham


  1. My husband snores very loudly. Can you tell me that is it complete cure from snores or will never occur again? I have much worried about his health.

  2. Sorry stop snoring nz,
    There are no guarantees. Sort of like life with a lot of uncertainty about what's going to happen. apj