Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012: You Bounced Along the Path of Our Lives

OK, the year is ending, and I'm glad.  The path of life lies ahead, informed by the experiences of 2012.

My activities of interest beyond Family and God at the end of 2012:  "Get on the Ball with Jesus"  a toning and fitness program using the exercise ball (Swiss Ball) in a group of Christians at my church (Bellbrook United Methodist Church.)  I bounce almost every day.

Learning to play the didgeridoo via Didgeridoodojo.  Enhancing my ability to be "wholehearted" via using my emWave Desktop.

Books I'm reading/engaging at the end of 2012:

Journey of the Heart by John Welwood (The Path of Conscious Love)  "When love comes down to earth it gains depth and power"

This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Leviten "Young children start to show a preference for the music of their culture by age two,...  Researchers point to the teen years as the turning point for musical preferences.  As adults, the music we tend to be nostalgic for, the music that feels like it is 'our' music, corresponds to the music we heard during those years."

The Healing Power of Sound by Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD  (Recovering from Life-Threatening Illness Using Sound, Voice and Music.)  "The same principles of harmony and entrainment that operate within the human body are also dramatically apparent when human beings communicate with each other."

ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine by John La Puma, MD and Rebecca Powell Marx (A Food Lover's Road Map to: Losing Weight, Preventing disease, Getting Really Healthy) "I'm going to help you learn to see food as your body sees it."

A Brief History of Everything by Ken Wilbur "...a universal smorgasbord of human possibilities, all arrayed as a shimmering rainbow, an extraordinary spectrum of your own deeper and higher potentials."

The model introduced by Wilbur is extremely helpful to me as I seek to further clarify the path of a Family Physician and hone the Human Centered Health Home model.  There is hope in delving into the human condition and sharing intimately with others to clarify our individual and shared humanity.

God did well in our creation.  Will we honor Him on our paths?  (I ask of me and you and us).

Peace to all as we follow the path of 2013.


  1. Happy New Year! Learning to play the digeridoo sounds like fun :)

  2. Happy New Year to you, too, WarmSocks! Yes, the didgeridoo is fun and healthful. You may wish to join the Didgeridoo Hullabaloo in one way or another. The link to a previous post of mine shares the sites where you can get a kit and lessons for a total of $25-$60.

    I'm doing a Didgeridoo Hullabaloo launch on Saturday January 19 on a Dr Synonymous Special from the BellHOP Cafe and intend to broadcast live and save as webcast for future reference, in case you or others are interested.