Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day in Our International HQ

Merry Christmas to Dr Synonymous readers who celebrate Christmas.

This year we're starting in my home in Sugarcreek Township just east of Bellbrook, OH (Spring Valley mailing address-sometimes confusing).  Today we'll also visit in Dayton,  Liberty, Springboro and Columbus with Christmas cheer.

It's always special for me.  Last year, we celebrated in Chapel Hill, NC.  In other years: Liberty, OH; Granville, OH; Columbus, OH; Hershey, PA; Manhatten, KS, Milford, KS, Farmersville, OH; Greenville, OH; Hilliard, OH; and Vietnam.  There was no hope for snow in Vietnam and little hope for snow in Chapel Hill, but the many white Christmas days had a special flavor.

The Birth of Jesus, understood in so many ways, holds so many hearts at peace while challenging the Christian mind and soul with a message of love and forgiveness.

May His love hold and guide your heart forever.


  1. Get out! Manhattan KS. I've lived there. Small world.

    Merry Christmas.


  2. Yes, the world is surprisingly small- I was there in 71-73, stationed at Ft. Riley in 1st Aviation Company of the 1st Infantry Division (The Big Red One). We lived on Lake Milford for a year in a single wide then in Manhatten in a double wide to have room for the baby. Remember the Loretta Lynn song "Manhatten, KS." (a classic- "Manhatten, Kansas ain't no place to have a baby if you've got no man to give it a last name" etc. Peace to you and yours for the new year. apj

  3. Dr. Synonymous: Our time in Vietnam with the 45th Engineer Group overlapped by nine months; flying around in one of your helicopters was one of my favorite things. Would love to connect somehow.

  4. Barry,
    Were you with HQ or one of the Bn's? Sorry I'm not having a clear memory of you being in the back seat of my helicopter. Could you leave # w/my office again? I brought it home to call you and lost it in one of my yellow note piles. I'll call you. apj