Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Dr Synonymous Show: Interview with Brian Forrest, MD about Direct Primary Care

Dr Brian Forrest, Medical Director and Founder of Access Healthcare (and current Board Chair or the North Carolina AFP), is the special guest of Dr Jonas (aka, Dr Synonymous) tonight speaking about Direct Primary Care.

Access Healthcare

The general questions we'll cover in the interview include:                  

                     What is Direct Primary Care?  How did you get into it?

                      What do you like about it?

                      How many ways can it be done?  How about rural settings?

                       How does a "pure" DPC practice differ from a hybrid?

                       What about the poor?  Do they use DPC, too?

                         What about the rich?  Do they have access, too?

                       What kind of physicians practice DPC?
                        How does your practice work in North Carolina?

                         How do you train other physicians to do DPC?
                         What kind of demand is there for  DPC?

                          Is this just a way to make more money?
                          Does every state allow DPC?

                          Are DPC companies competing to buy up practices?
                           How does DPC affect the course of the healthcare transformation?

                            What about the DPC Summit in St Louis on October 11-12?

Direct Primary Care National Summit

Join us for another episode of Dr Synonymous live from 9-10 PM on Blog Talk Radio    The Dr Synonymous Show September 10, 2013 

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