Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Direct Primary Care: Expanding the Conversation From NC to DC and Beyond

DPC PIONEER:  Dr Brian Forrest discussed his history with and approach to DPC, including the training of physicians in multiple specialties in Direct Pay practice on my BTR Dr Synonymous Show.  His heart for open access for all showed through in this 50 minute interview with Dr Synonymous (aka, A. Patrick Jonas, MD) on Blog Talk Radio.  Listen as he describes his mission, passion and success with DPC in Apex, NC and beyond.

DPC Interview w/Dr Brian Forrest on Dr Synonymous Show 9/10/2013

Dr Forrest (and Dr Synonymous/Jonas) will be presenting information about DPC at:

Direct Primary Care National Summit

How about DPC and the poor?  Read the two part guest post on Common Sense Family Doctor written by Dr MargueriteDuane.

Common Sense Family Doctor Guest Post Part One on DPC by Marguerite Duane, MD

DPC for the Poor- Part Two by Dr Duane

Direct Primary Care is jumping, folks.  It isn't for everyone, but it's an important model for the present and future.  What do you think?

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