Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Erika Bliss, MD "Changing the System" with Direct Primary Care- Interview

The President and CEO of Qliance, a Direct Primary Care network in Washington state, Erika Bliss, MD tells the story of Qliance and her desire to "change the system".  "We work for our patients" has been a key factor in health care delivery by Qliance physicians since founder, Garrison Bliss, MD started the first practice.

Dr Bliss expounds on some aspects of "The System" that may be corrected by Direct Primary Care.  She reviews the vision of Qliance from founding to the present.  To grow the movement, Qliance hopes to network with other practices and networks to keep it expanding to serve the whole nation.

Listen as she speaks of individual and population based care via the DPC business model and practice strategies.  From caring to measuring outcomes and responding to patient and employer needs, she sees DPC as having a workable, (flexible) answer.

Interview w/ Dr Bliss 9/17/13 by Dr Synonymous

Dr Bliss interview starts at 14:30 on the show.  Skip ahead to that spot and get some great information.

She will be a presenter at Direct Primary Care National Summit


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