Monday, September 16, 2013

Direct Primary Care: Interview with Erika Bliss, MD President Qliance

The Dr Synonymous Show 9/17/2013  The interview starts at 14:30 into the show.

Listen on September 17 at 9 PM ET on blog talk Radio (internet) as Dr Synonymous interviews Erika Bliss, MD about her experience with Direct Primary Care as a Family Physician and as President of Qliance in the Seattle area. Qliance

Questions will include:

How did you get into Direct Primary Care?
What do you like about it?
Where is it headed as a movement in Washington and nationally?

Tell us about your career in Family Medicine?

How about your relationship with Qliance?  Then let's look at the home page for Qliance and chat a bit about it.  (click on Qliance link above)

Why was it started?  By Whom?

What are the benefits of having a network of several practices?  Drawbacks?

Who can be a Qliance physician?

What is the policy scene doing with DPC?  How does it relate to the Affordable Care Act?

Who are friends of DPC?  Enemies?

What else is important about DPC?

What do you expect from the DPC National Summit in St Louis October 11-12?
Direct Primary Care National Summit

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