Thursday, September 26, 2013

45th Reunion West Point Class of 1968: "OLD Souls" in "Old Bodies"

I was deeply touched by our 45th class reunion at the Marriott in Tarreytown, NY with daily outings to West Point.  In 1964 we started the adventure.  700 + graduated on June 5, 1968.  Now 39 are deceased, 20 of them in Vietnam.  Many alums and/or spouses have ailing bodies with arthritis, cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, prostate disease, etc.

BUT, we still are instilled with the "Old Souls" put into our once young bodies as cadets.  Our "old bodies" match the souls now.  The hearts are big, as are many of our understandings about life and the meaning of our West Point experiences.  The music of the sixties goads us on through CD's provided by Dick Steiner to tell the stories.  The Sugar Bowl story and the Stealing of the Navy Goat story stimulate the telling of many other stories of life in another era.  It was good, once we graduated.  Then we missed part of West Point.

Which part?  The reliable part?  The honorable part?  The friendship part?

Here they are- friends, brothers.  They understand part of us that no one else can.  Every five years or so we refresh that feeling of being understood and get a sense of West Point Wholeness.  Through the relationships and the connections to each other.

A glimpse of The Plain, A Cadet Parade, The Cadet Chapel, Trophy Point, The Hudson River, Thayer Monument, The Hotel Thayer, The Park Restaurant (I love it), Constitution Island, etc. may last for five to ten years as an anchor test.  Yes, I graduated from West Point in 1968.  That is very satisfying.  BUT, much less meaningful without the friends and brothers.

Thank you, Brothers.  Of the Class of 1968.  NO TASK TOO GREAT!

I reviewed our 45th Reunion Weekend on my Dr Synonymous Show:  Click Here

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