Sunday, April 21, 2019

Wellness and Integrative Health Coaching: Why and How - interview with Doug Newton

We'll update our previous session with Doug Newton which was our February Chat with Dr. Pat, but didn't record well.  This broadcast will occur April 22 at 9 PM as a live show then will be available online at The Dr. Synonymous Show.

Doug is an integrative health coach among other skills that help people to enhance their health.

With increasing knowledge about epigenetics and moment by moment genomic “adjustments”, Ben Lynch, ND has authored a book titled, Dirty Genes.  In it he explains how to use our daily and leisure activities and food to improve the functioning of our genes.  It comes down to Wellness, which does have many definitions and approaches.

But, should Wellness be considered to be "Medical"?  Concepts of wellness may benefit from being distanced from medical care, which has a way of increasing the price of most issues related thereto.  We'll discuss this a bit, too.

A recent editorial in JAMA poked seriously at this issue in a discussion of "Wellness Genomics" : 
"If the paternalistic emphasis of precision medicine, the essentialism of precision prevention, and the perfectionism of wellness genomics go unnoticed and unchecked, precision health risks becoming merely another step on the road towards a new eugenomics that society could come to regret."

Doug Newton who most recently was Program Director for Wellness at WSU will provide a definition and expound on wellness for individuals, colleges, businesses and communities.
Dr. Jonas, your host on the Dr. Synonymous Show and Blog,  will comment on the book by Dr. Lynch and some genomic concepts that reaffirm what Doug is saying about Wellness.  #Wellomics might be coming next!

This will be broadcast on Dr. Jonas internet radio show live and stored as a podcast on BlogTalk Radio at The Dr Synonymous Show and reachable via Dr. Jonas Blog