Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Glidepath to Heaven

"On glidepath," I remember hearing during instrument flight training in the Army.  Glidepath was the radar assured safe line from the sky to the runway.  Watching my mother as her body dies reminds me of the glidepath concept.  Her body has been "on glidepath" for months as it slowly shuts down, and surprisingly isn't finished yet.

Mom is on the glidepath to the hereafter, or you might think of it as the glidepath to Heaven.  Her body is on a mission to part with her spirit, giving it eternal freedom.  Eternal wholeness is the reward.  The glidepath to heaven ends with forever.  The slow deterioration of the body parallels a slow increase in services and personnel needed to support the failing body.  That could be referred to as the caretaker glidepath.

The caretaker glidepath remains earthbound, with slow progression toward the Hospice "crisis team" for "crisis care" and final peace.  There is no "crisis" except the need for another billing term to differentiate a different level of care.  "Heavenly Landing Team" might be a more fitting title.

Mom is on the glidepath to Heaven.  Slowly moving toward eternity.  She's content, happy, pleased.  Way to go, Mom.  Let's pray for a safe landing.

More later.