Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Healthcare Transformation: What is New That Might Help You?

Dr Jonas, aka Dr. Synonymous delivers 15-20 holistic health presentations each year, most of which are written about in blog posts on this site.  Here is part of a post on the Beavercreek Women's League web site announcing one of his talks:

"Dr. Pat Jonas, a holistic-minded family physician in Beavercreek will engage the Beavercreek Women’s League in a discussion about current trends and issues in health care. 
How might all the advances in: 
• genomics (DNA sampling),
• pharmaceuticals (direct marketing),
• medical technology (wearables & implanted monitors),
• nutriceuticals (dietary supplements), and
• individual wellbeing
add up to lower cost and higher quality health care? What role might direct pay or concierge practices play in health care transformation? "

The healthcare quadruple aim is "The Triple Aim is an approach to optimizing health system performance, proposing that health care institutions simultaneously pursue 3 dimensions of performance: improving the health of populations, enhancing the patient experience of care, and reducing the per capita cost of health care" PLUS ONE More Aim:  improving the work life of health care clinicians and staff."  from The Annals of Family Medicine Nov/Dec 2014

Forty-three percent of physicians surveyed in 2014 reported spending over 30% of their day on administrative tasks.9 Physicians spend more time on non–face-to-face activities (eg, letters, in-box management, and medication refills) than with patients.10 Even when in the exam room with patients, primary care physicians spend from 25% to 50% of the time attending to the computer.

Individual Wellbeing:  For both patient and physician with human centering instead of patient centering.
              Context is everything.  Personal values, goals and dreams make a difference.
              Stories matter
              You matter
              We Matter
              Money matters
              God matters

 Genomics from DNA to health food store or garden
                    Pharmacogenomics  e.g., Genesight test 
                    Nutrigenomics        from 23andMe, Genetic Genie, Promethius

Genealogy from Ancestry.com, etc.
                    Could be a basic element of IHR that patients may store and deliver into the healthcare system for engagement.  etc,
More later