Thursday, December 6, 2018

DPC: 20 Practices, 40 Doctors for the Miami Valley in 3 Years

Direct Primary Care, the movement, is energized, enthusiastic and expanding.  About 1000 practices currently exist in the United States.  There are two DPC practices in the 13 counties that constitute the Miami Valley around Dayton, Ohio.
I predict that we can have twenty practices including 40 physicians within three years.  Yes, by the end of 2021, we'll have twenty DPC practices.

There are hundreds of disaffected physicians in the area looking for an alternative to the grind that leads to burnout.  Many are already burned out.  Many intend to retire early or at the earliest realistic point in their life to escape and survive.  Many newer physicians and physicians in training are trying to avoid the misery that they notice in their faculty and mentors.
Medical students are avoiding primary care specialties and many are becoming hospitalists instead of pursuing a primary care career.  Less than ten percent of students actually enter into a primary care career.

Its time to reconstitute primary care into a career path that is fun again.  Direct Primary Care is one business model that seems to allow that.  Direct pay practices are here again.

Further definitions and information about Direct Primary Care can be found at and www.dpcfrontier.

More later.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Nutrition and Health Interview: Healthy Brains and Bodies

Nutrition is a huge factor in our health.  Our genome and microbiome are other
huge factors. The environment and toxins are others.
The interview with Robert Lovegren on my 12/3/2018 Dr. Synonymous Blogtalk Radio Show
may address all of them. Bob is a retired physicist and electrical engineer.
He is a scholar in health and education.

Some questions that we may discuss include:
How did you get interested in nutrition, Bob?
What would an ideal state of health be?
What factors might lead to an ideal state of health?
What do you mean by “Bio-exhuberance?”
What role might be played by heat therapy?  Cold therapy? Red light therapy?
What are your thoughts about mitochondria in cells?
What toxic diet components are “poisoning” us?  What should we not eat?
What about fasting?
How about exercise strategies?
How do you get people to listen to your strategies for health, especially considering
our addictions to sugar, grains and high fructose corn syrup?

Are you finding like-minded people in the area of cellular and brain health?