Sunday, April 1, 2012

What? I'm An Activist?

OK.  I'm an Activist.  I just had activist training through the American Majority ( last weekend.  As a result, I'm applying to be a precinct representative in my county for the Republican party (Only two parties are represented).  As such, I'll attend meetings and learn more about grassroots political processes and beyond.  I'll meet lots of my fellow citizens and learn their perspectives about our government.  As a citizen, I'm concerned about our country and its people.  I believe that I personally need to be more involved in the processes of government and help others do likewise.  Each voice matters. Multiple perspectives are needed as are more Activists.

As a Family Physician, I know that every person matters. Many people I've seen as patients have forgotten about their uniqueness in the human family.  One aspect of my calling to Family Medicine is to find a timely way to remind them that they matter.  This is not made easier by the electronic age and the mandates about Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and the move to make all aspects of medicine numerical.  Family Medicine is a relationship based specialty, whose existence is threatened by over-emphasis on technology and financial profit in medicine.

Only 8.4% of senior medical students chose Family Medicine this year in the specialty training match.  We need that to be 30% if America is to have the right primary care base to improve general health and diminish the excessive cost of care.  I'm an Activist for Family Medicine because I believe in my chosen specialty as one of my paths of service to others.  The Activist skills I learned from the American Majority and other experiences will also help to advocate for Family Medicine and health care for all.  Stay tuned.  What cause are you an Activist for?

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