Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Family Medicine Activist: Using Internet Radio

Internet radio is a dynamic social media tool for activists.  One can promote a cause to people worldwide if needed or to a small local group of like-minded persons.  To demonstrate the use of internet radio, I will use my Dr Synonymous Show broadcast on April 10 to promote #HAWMC, The Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge.  Yes, I'll be reviewing and commenting on blogs, blogs and blogs.

This will be followed by more blog reviews and then MY Family Medicine Activist blogs written for #HAWMC.

A couple other medical announcements or "factoids" will be included in this special show on Blog Talk Radio.

Tune in to The Dr Synonymous Show live from 8-9 PM ET on Tuesday April 10 ( or anytime thereafter for the podcast at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/DrSynonymous).

Internet radio is great for activists.  Try it a few times.  Youll like it.

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