Friday, April 6, 2012

Family Medicine Activist: Residency Training in Family Medicine

Someone's Dream- Not Mine What do Medical Students expect when they decide on a career in Family Medicine?  A satisfying specialty with a wide variety of clinical experiences and procedures, enriched by meaningful relationships with thousands of patients.  Relationships with individuals and families are a core element of the continuing care of patients in Family Medicine.

Each Family Medicine Resident experiences three years of training, including some mandatory clinical experiences and some elective experiences. Guidelines for each of the possible experiences can be found via the link below:

Residency Curriculum guidelines for each experience during three years of training.

The Family Medicine Model Practice unit becomes the clinical home for each trainee during their three years of training and growth.  They have continuity clinics in the Practice unit even while rotating through the many elective and required rotations or experiences.  This prepares them for similar, concurrent outpatient and inpatient patient care contingencies after graduation.  They are comfortable with the sick, well and injured after their Family Medicine Residency training.

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