Friday, April 27, 2012

Family Medicine Activist: Know Thy "Frenemies"

Wow, we have a new hospital right next door.  How fortunate to be so close to so many caring people. Gee, we have a new pharmacy in the hospital and another "National Brand" pharmacy a few doors down.  We're blessed to have such friends.

Oops, the  National Brand pharmacy is selling cigarettes and beer.  Is that good for the health of our community?  Are they friends or enemies of our community?
Oops, several of our citizens are near bankruptcy from hospital charges related to ER visits when they were involved in motor vehicle accidents and other trauma.  The ER charges were over $8,000 each and the people were uninsured.  Is the hospital a friend or are they becoming an enemy of our community?

I wonder if we should call them "Frenemies" as their mixed role and message to the community could result in wonderful happenings, addiction, cancer, death or lives saved.  Yes, the word "Frenemies" keeps us on our toes with awareness and reasonable expectation.  Know thy "Frenemies".

What "Frenemies" do you have in your life? How might one be protected from "Frenemies?"

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