Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The War and The Wall and West Point

Forty-three years ago today, the Vietnam Peace accords were signed and there was a cease fire.
Here's President Nixon announcing the peace:
Nixon Peace with Honor Speech

As a Vietnam Veteran, I reflect on my experience and our nation's experience in Vietnam.  I write about it every year.  I read about it five or six times a year.  I look at two shelves worth of books about Vietnam in my home office every day and think briefly about the war and its meaning.  And the twenty members of the West Point Class of 1968 who died in the war.  Their names are on The Wall.

The War, The Wall and West Point.  The confluence of many lives and deaths.  The sources of deep, intense meaning.  The origins of human connections that last forever.

Who has the answers?  Who has the questions?

It goes on and on.

I pray for peace in the hearts of all involved and affected by the "Conflict" in Vietnam.  Amen

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