Saturday, January 2, 2016

Physicians Let this be the Year of Medical Forgiveness: Doctor Forgive Yourself

OK, fellow physicians, let's accept that we're in collusion with the forces that are bankrupting America.  Let's look in the mirror and find a way, in our hearts, to forgive ourselves.


Let's become the spirit of the physician we imagined becoming in our letter of application to medical school (for those who wrote such a letter).  Let's open our hearts to the fun of being a physician again (or for the first time for many).

Let's humbly accept that we actually are as smart as is generally assumed and upgrade the profession to be a profession again.  With a code of ethics... that we honor and enforce, as expected by those we serve.

Let's seize, retain and exploit the initiative (and the surprise) to redirect health care to be health care again.  Not healthcare - an investment strategy and a way to help investors or governments play with money.

Let's love ourselves as if we actually are part of God's Creation.  Let's be the citizen of that Creation that we morally, ethically, humanly, spiritually can.

Forgive yourself, Fellow Physician.  One at a time and together.  Let's imagine who we are in a forgiven state and act on our freedom to be the physicians for the people we serve.

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