Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Leap, New Year

New Leap, New Year

Click above for the Dr Synonymous Blogtalk Radio show about this subject.
Content includes:  Dr Jonas, your host, will do the usual blog, tweet and literature review with an eye toward the new year.  Healthcare is stuck.  What's going to deliver the course correction.  Will Family Medicine start a breakaway from business as usual? Will we move away from statin sluts and other business and bonus based dogmatists to connect with our patients and our duty to serve?
Can Direct Primary Care deliver on a promise of physician career satisfaction combined with patient satisfaction?

PTSD nightmares- treatment, Duration of PPI therapy for ulcers, Vitamin D therapy - not for everything. Medical bias against supplements and vitamins- my comments.  "Medical Marijuana" and "Why all the overuse of statins"? comments by Dr Jonas, your host.
Blogs by Kenny Lin, MD reviewed.

Dr Synonymous blog Review (3 posts): Medical Forgiveness
Hypermobile Patients
Direct Primary Care UnSummit IV in Columbus, OH February 20.

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