Sunday, October 18, 2015

Meaningful Use for Symphonies

I went to the symphony tonight.  I enjoy some classical music from time to time.  I remember playing the Barber of Seville record from the Reader's Digest Classic Collection in 1963 before each high school football game to get focused and fired up (it's true).  Chopin is another favorite of mine.

After the usual warm-ups, the conductor focused the symphony by raising the baton and leading them.  They proceeded to play eight perfect scales.  The conductor bowed.  We applauded.  He enjoined the symphony to stand and bow.  We applauded.

They sat down and played another scale perfectly.  And bowed.  We applauded.  The conductor bowed again and walked off the stage.

The master of ceremonies entered, "That's our concert for tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen.  I hope you enjoyed our first concert to honor the medical profession and the physicians in our community.  We followed their lead and demonstrated Meaningful Use of our instruments.  We hope you enjoyed it. We appreciate the attendance of our government regulators tonight, too.  They will judge our Meaningful Use quality and let us know within three months when we get to do another performance,  in a Meaningful way.  Goodnight"

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