Wednesday, October 7, 2015

BTR Show: Hybrid DPC Can be Done- It Ain't Easy

My Weekly Dr. Synonymous Show on BlogTalk Radio: Reviews primary care payment evolution and options from cash pay to insurance to direct pay monthly and others.  IT makes it possible to relate in the current complex system (s) in ways that are still sensitive to patient and physician needs.  Here is the link:

Hybrid DPC- Can Be Done, BUT Harder than New Pure DPC

Dr Jonas, your host on the Dr Synonymous Show will discuss some aspects of Hybrid Direct Primary Care that are challenging hurdles for those with an existing practice who want to continue with their current patients while adding Direct Primary Care.  It doesn't have to be either/or for everyone.
Generally DPC is for private practice physicians.  That's who I'm talking to in this show.
Next is a commentary about Osteoporosis in Men as presented in the Journal of Family Practice in September.
A blog and tweet review follows.
Other items on this show will include a review of two medicare ads for patients.

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