Saturday, October 24, 2015

Direct Primary Care: Ohio

Ohio Academy of Family Physicians discussing DPC.  Some thoughts.

Click Here:  Direct Primary Care Defined

Click Here: DPC Coalition site

Prepare to aggregate information about DPC for members.

Collaborate with meetings about DPC.  Speak at meetings about DPC w/ OAFP perspective

Influence FMIG's, Departments of FM and residencies about DPC

Buffer movements that add unreasonable restrictions to DPC

Short may be better.  Watch out for restrictive language in def and/or legislation.

Less is better legislatively.

Family Medicine makes for great DPC physicians.

Legislation- escape from insurance.  Specifically exclude DPC from oversight  by insurance commish.

Avoid written agreements w/ patients unless you want it for all pts of all FamilyPhysicians.

Protect each physician's scope of practice.

Ask for same considerations of med profession as legal profession would get for practice.

Avoid phony quality initiatives.

Have pride in Family Medicine.  We're good.  We're well trained.

Don't let poor self esteem cause restrictions of DPC Docs legislatively.  We're good.

Search Dr Synonymous about DPC = >50 posts with lots of information.

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