Wednesday, September 2, 2015

End of Summer in Family Medicine: A Reflection

Dr Synonymous InternetRadio Show: Summer's End in Family Medicine

Getting back to the roots of Family Medicine, Dr Jonas- the host of the Dr Synonymous Show, will expound on end of summer activities in one Family Medicine office.  Families in transition is a  common theme.  Teaching a Medical Student or a Family Nurse Practice student is another common office happening.  Listen in and we'll also go over a few of our usual blogs and tweets.

I love Family Medicine.  Immunizations, how's and why's also discussed in this end of summer reflection.  I love immunizations and the science behind them, while worrying about the profit motive that clouds some of them at times.  College health, sports physicians, back to school physicals are part of this recording, too.  Families, Families, Families also come up a lot.

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