Thursday, September 10, 2015

@apjonas Twenty Doctors to Follow on Twitter List?

20 Doctors You should be Following on Twitter

Being the humble servant of the human condition that I am, I get confused when I'm named one of the top twenty this or that to follow on Twitter.  I admit that I love it when it happens.  It's reassuring that the "Social Media Geezer" has made some sort of impact.  On Twitter I'm @apjonas.
Here, I'm Dr. Synonymous- likewise on my BlogTalk Radio Show "The Dr Synonymous Show" and a Google account get you into the show.

The Dr Synonymous publishing is about Family Medicine and the human condition.  I love my medical specialty and enjoy doing Family Medicine and being a Family Physician.  It's worthy of sharing.  So I do.  I learn so much about life and medicine from interactions with patients.  The social media gives me the opportunity to reflect on those learnings (but not a freedom to write anything about specific patients)>

You are reading my blog.  And, I'm on LinkedIn for professional connections.

I have a personal Facebook page and one for my medical practice-Family Health Connections, Inc. and one for my high school graduating class and one for my high school alumni association.  I run another Facebook page for The Center for Innovation in Family and Community Health.

So... I love the social media and the enhanced ability to connect in various aspects of my life.  It's a nice shortcut, too.  I peruse fifty to 100 tweets daily and about fifty Faceebook entries.  I review blogs and tweets on my BlogTalk Radio show.  It's fun and rewarding.

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