Friday, November 7, 2014

Neighborly Family Medicine Now Open for Direct Family Medicine Patients

Neighborly Family Medicine
A. Patrick Jonas, MD
Rebecca T. Cherry, MD
@ Family Health Connections, Inc.
2633 Commons Boulevard, Suite 120
Beavercreek, Ohio 45431
Updated 7/02/2017

Direct Family Medicine is our version of Direct Primary Care (DPC), a popular business model for practice.  This is not insurance. It is medical care from Dr.'s Jonas and Cherry, both graduates of Ohio State University College of Medicine and board certified in Family Medicine.

We provide Basic Family Medical Care:
Acute Problems
Chronic Conditions and Diseases
Prevention/Physicals such as well child, well woman w/female exam, sports, etc.
Traditional After Hours On Call Physician Coverage

We are Family Fanatics!  Families ONLY can sign up:
You must agree to sign up the whole family (household)
and pay the enrollment fee for the whole family at your first visit.
There are monthly fees that are due at the end of each month.  Families may dis-enroll with written notice after three months of membership.  If they return, another enrollment fee will be charged.
There is a per visit fee which is due at each visit.   Our basic fees do not include laboratory tests which are charged at a discounted rate for most common tests.  Immunizations materials are separate charges. Imaging fees are the patient's responsibility but discounted fees are available.  Money doesn't sound very warm sometimes, but Neighborly Family Medicine is warm-hearted.

If you have Tricare, Medicare, ANY type of Medicaid (Caresource, Molina, Buckeye, UHC medicaid, etc.) or any other government-sponsored insurance, you are NOT eligible until 2018 when the practice expects to have terminated our contracts with government and commercial insurance companies.

We expect that patients will find a catastrophic health insurance plan to cover their emergency, hospital, cancer and other more expensive aspects of their medical care.  Many uninsured patients won't have that luxury and we'll try to help them find affordable care as possible.  The health care system is changing rapidly and we're convinced that Direct Family Medicine is a better business model for Family Doctors.

This model of care was recently reviewed positively in Forbes magazine: DPC Trumps the ACA for Value, Quality and Satisfaction

Costs:                       Adults     Children 2-17     Infants 0-2

Enrollment                    $80         $40                 $60
Monthly Membership   $70         $40                 $50
Per Visit Fee                 $20         $20                 $20

If you qualify, you will be asked to provide the information at this site: 

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