Friday, November 7, 2014

DABBLE with Your Holistic Health

I like to DABBLE with holistic health.  Here's a simple outline for you.

Dream   Allow  Become  Become again  Listen  Enjoy

Dream like Goldilocks (that's a good start)

Allow like a great teacher allows their students to succeed/ fail/ learn

Become yourself with honored parts (if awakened by bears, run like Goldilocks)

Become your next (near) whole self again

Enjoy it like the (near) whole you, as your parts allow

As you imagine wholeness and fulfillment in your future, supported by personalized healthcare that aligns with your values, goals and dreams, how content might you feel as you visualize or sense your future self?

What is your dream?
If you wish to have success (as you define it), it may be more readily achieved by:
     Defining your Dream
     Having a Burning Desire to achieve it
     Believing you will reach it

Allow an honest assessment of yourself at regular intervals

     In your Living, Learning and Working Contexts (If you like grids, make a 4 x 3 grid giving 12 boxes to reflect on).
     Does your honest assessment yield strengths and needs conducive to actions that better align you with your values, goals and dreams?

1 comment:

  1. So I guess it's okay not to be perfect. Just keep assessing yourself to be the best you are able to be. In mind,body and spiritual health. Some days are better than others. Accept. Because you know you can achieve. Thus, feeling better.