Friday, October 24, 2014

Family Medicine: The Myth and the Tension

What do patients expect of their Family Physician?  What do we expect of them?
As we relate to each other, one or the other may seek better connection.  They may press to create more tension to enable a more meaningful engagement.  Relationships, like poems, need tension.

Hopefully, patient or Family Doctor creates the tension to enhance the communication or someone may not get a fair consideration from the other.  Creative tension may enhance the relationship, too.  It can get toned over several engagements to allow high quality communication and better alignment with mutually beneficial values, goals and dreams.

The expectations of each party may be based on a mysterious myth about who the other person is and what has (or hasn't) happened before.  Our profession has some mythical qualities with many patients, especially those with positive expectations.  We may remind them of a TV Dr. like Marcus Welby, MD or Richard Kildare, MD (OK, these were a long time ago) or one of the newer physicians on Gray's Anatomy.  Those myths may be helpful for the patient and the doctor to accomplish their goals.  They believe in something beyond the current situation, and make it through.

What kind of tension do you create?  Or run from?

What myths might you believe about patients, Family Medicine or your Family Doctor that may help or harm your health?  Or your career?

More later from the FMEC meeting in Arlington.

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