Friday, October 31, 2014

Direct Primary Care = Direct Family Medicine, Direct Pediatrics & Direct Internal Medicine

Direct Primary Care is a business model for medical practice that is gathering momentum with a boost from the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) through the "Health is Primary" Campaign. See it here Find definitions of Direct Primary Care at

My practice, Neighborly Family Medicine in Beavercreek, OH, uses the DPC business model to practice Direct Family Medicine (DFM).  Notice that I'm differentiating the business model from the specialty practice.  The semantics are important, but take a while to understand.  Direct Family Medicine helps me to understand what I'm offering to patients.  I assume that a pediatrician would deliver Direct Pediatrics, while an internist would offer Direct Internal Medicine.  A Med- Peds physician would do Direct Med-Peds. Clarifying how the DPC business model is applied can be very helpful for patients and doctors.  The term Direct Primary Care comes up short of adequate clarification when patients seek care.  I love doing Direct Family Medicine (and saying it, too).

Direct Internal Medicine and Direct Pediatrics are needed.  The physicians in those specialties deserve to have the fun and freedom of using DPC to support their specialty.  We need a lot more internists and pediatricians in a DPC business model.  Join the movement, Folks.  We need you.  There are not enough Family Physicians to meet the care needs for America at the primary care level.  Let's team up and shift the cost curve together.

Patients:  Introduce DPC to your pediatricians and internists.  They'll love Direct Pediatrics and Direct Internal Medicine.

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