Saturday, October 11, 2014

Family Medicine: Are We there Yet?

I celebrate the youth and energy of our new and future leaders of Family Medicine.  You have the reigns. The AAFP meeting in Washington, DC launches the next phase of the transformation of Family Medicine. Health Is Primary.  Energy will abound. Direction will be agreed.  Movement will continue.  Then we will say, "We have arrived."


We never quite "arrive" because our patients never quite "arrive".  We are with them or we don't feel like Family Physicians.

We may be content about our near "arrival" for a moment and then remember patients who haven't "arrived" yet. We lament their situation.  This "unsatisfied contentment" is a point of pride in Family Medicine.  The celebrations are short lived because we feel obligated to help more people.  Fairness is important to us. People are important to us.

Even more than statins, bonuses, quality initiatives, CT scans, EMR's, etc.

People, People, People.

Patients, Patients, Patients.

What do you think?

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