Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thanks, Readers for 100,000 Page Views

Bloggers enjoy writing, at least I do, and readers.  Thanks to the many Dr Synonymous readers for 100,000 page views.  It tells me that there are readers of the blog and reassures me that I should keep writing.

Family Medicine is my main message.  I love Family Medicine and doing what Family Doctors do.  I'm passionate about the importance of my specialty for the health of individuals, families and communities (and the nation).  I still believe we have a lot to offer during and after the transformation of health care.  I'll write more about it.

Patients are even more interesting, and more important, than Family Medicine.  Their stories are meaningful and compelling.  Their lives are sometimes misaligned with their values, goals and dreams.  I enjoy validating their worth and helping with the "realignment".  I try to write about our shared humanity and the process of care.

Thanks again to Mike Sevilla, MD aka, Dr Anonymous (The "King" of social media in Family Medicine) for leading the way.

More later.  Thanks, Readers.

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