Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Humans and Tech: Will it Work for Family Medicine?

"By People, For People" Velocity NY 2014 Keynote by Tim O'Reilly.  Tim gives a great message about the human element in tech starting with healthcare.gov.  We can learn a lot about the human element, leadership and tech from him.

Is this the message for Family Medicine. Get back on the horse and reconnect the human aspects of health care?

Will IT listen?  I believe the people in IT will. Let's hug IT folks and move ahead together.  The Human Centered Health Home (HCHH) is an example of how to apply human centering in patient care.  Search this blog site for my many posts about it.  One point in human centering is that we are all in this together.  Human to human we can Respect, Protect, Connect, Detect, Correct our situations and Reflect on them individually and together. Posts to Define HCHH

Hug IT now!  You may come up with something as good as Elation EMR (www.elationemr.com) which allows human elements of the encounter to come out.  They have very helpful humans like Vanessa Rodgers and Drew Varady in their company, too, which is the essence of what Tim O'Reilly discusses above.

Hug IT now!  It's time to move ahead together.  Family Medicine will use it well if we develop it well.  If we wait for someone else to do it, we may lose.  We have the heart that the electronic part of medicine needs. Let's take the next step to prove it.  Dive into an EMR and give it a heart if it's missing.  Get connected to high tech, low price front line health care items, like the cell phone ecg and have more fun than you can stand.

High Tech, High Touch.  Sounds like Family Medicine to me.

Hug IT now!

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